Dawdling in David

The weather was cooperative today so after my morning visit with the bros back home on Zoom, we drove into the center of David for errands and a bit of local sightseeing. The first stop was a department store called Rodelag. I was looking for a replacement for my Canon 40x zoom camera that gave up the ghost back in Dominical. We’ve been using our phones and the underwater camera with okay success but I wanted at least the same model as before. At Rodelag, the young man searched in the back and found us the last one they had in stock. I was stoked. A little overpriced but I’m back in business.

Hospital Chiriqui

Now it was time to try it out. I drove over to the hospital to get the lay of the land for tomorrow’s appointment. It was just a few short blocks to Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra Park, so we squeezed through the narrow streets and found a parking spot right at the park. We walked the park to see what the Panamanian happenings were for a Sunday afternoon.

Across the street were some variety stores that PJ thought deserved a good perusal. We circled the square peeking into some stores and watching the vendors do their thing on the uneven pavement of David’s sidewalks. We picked up a few items at the pharmacy before setting off to see the catedral a few blocks away.

The old tower at the Catedral de San Jose was a remnant of the original structure from the early 1700s. The large cathedral itself was constructed sometime later. A traditional dance troupe was taking pictures and dancing in front of the landmark adding color to the scene. Parishioners were lining up at the entrance getting their temperature taken and each receiving a squirt of sanitizer into the palms of their hands.

We returned to the shopping center near highway one so PJ could get a rain poncho and a few more household items for the rental. Time for lunch and to play with the new camera. I spent the afternoon upgrading the firmware and playing with settings while PJ was held hostage on the phone by the foreign call center workers for Chase. In the evening, we walked the neighborhood as a full moon revealed itself over the trees.