Bluewater Lake

Sunrise at Bluewater Lake

No internet, phone, or electronic connection, so posted later

Bluewater Lake sits at an altitude of 7,400 feet so the morning was crisp and cool. We slept in relishing the delicious coldness. The sky was overcast inviting a prolonged rest under our warm covers. The campground has 74 developed sites and miles of lakefront for camping. We are the only campers other the little clump in the center but the maintenance guy chose the sites adjacent to us to begin his weed whacking program for the day. All morning and into the early afternoon he stayed close to us although acres of sites are devoid of people camping. 

Wild horses at Bluewater Lake

PJ went out to the road watching as the herds of wild horses arrived for their daily grazing along the grassland below us along the lakefront. She took a million pictures and sat with Koda as the colts frolicked and the horses went to the lake to drink. They come out in the morning and move away at night. Truly enchanting in the ‘Land of Enchantment’.

Koda enjoys horse watching too

We broke out my guitar and the little djembe drum and gave an honest effort to drown out the gas powered weed whacker in the background. PJ pounded out a beat and I played what few songs I know how to play. 

So nice to have no people anywhere near. We can make as much off key noise as we want to and there is no one to hear. A little rain squall passed through and it sent us inside to eat peanut butter sandwiches and talk about our next few stops on our magical mystery tour. No real concrete plans but we think Santa Fe is next up on the itinerary. Since we are disconnected from phone or Internet, we plan to just wing it and figure out the what and where of it when we show up.

Rhythm section

The sun finally made an appearance so it was time to take the pups down for a swim in the lake. We walked down the hill and put our toes on the water. Not too bad, maybe high 60s. We all went in, the dogs up to their bellies and PJ and I for a little swim.

 I swam out near the buoys but a few boats seemed to be getting a little close, so I moved back in near shore. The water seemed clean enough an there were only two vehicles in the entire area. It was nice to get the exercise. Dogs really enjoyed all the freedom to run off leash over the entire meadow area. They were good and tired when we got back to camp where they got their dinner while I wandered around trying to get a photo of the fast moving blue jays that keep flying from tree to tree making all kinds of racket.

Free range canines

The wind came up and another little shower came passing through. I cooked us some omelets and rice and we relaxed inside reviewing our day and plotting our course for tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Bluewater Lake

  1. Hi Mike and Pamela: Glad you two are enjoying all that God Has Given You! It reminds me of all the things…(camping trips) we did with our 5 kids over the years and all the sights and fun. It’s good to get away. Fortunately we live near Lake Tahoe with lots of memories of those early trips. I take my Timber Girl (German Shepherd/Husky) up there to doggie beach. She enjoys swimming while I relax.
    Kelly and his son drove up last weekend. He was telling me how bad the traffic was going through L.A. after making a tile delivery..then 8 more hrs. to our valley.

    Sante Fe is nice. When we lived in Colorado at 8500 elev. (remember Mike? fished for trout and drove my best friend to Sante Fe because she was into all the art work. Great place. But of course as we know…none of it possible w/o God and the Sobriety that HE has given us. Bernie is having back and spine problems…lots of pain. Now that you are into Peaceful, Closeness to all He has put in your lives please include a few prayers for the old O’Kelly’s. Kevin will probably be up in a few weeks. But I feel guillty…so far and it’s tough on them. But they are great kids and they are not complaining. Kath and one of her twins were up a few weeks ago and Sharon before that and yes Debbie. I wish we could be closer to them and the ocean but we have the Lake, and we are fine.

    Love you two…have fun and never forget where it comes from. I’ll be celebrating 52 by the Grace of God Sept.5th!!! Hard to believe Huh Mike? Will always remember you as a teen ager with our guys and that time we found you in Colorado. You couldn’t get away from us!!

    Bye for now you two happy travelers..are you coming back? Or, as Kev said you are heading for Mexico. Make sure you stay wise and safe. >Love Pat and Bernie


    1. Pat, thanks for the beautiful message. Brings back lots of good memories. So sorry to hear about Bernie. We’ll definitely keep you both in our prayers. 52 is mind boggling. We’ll probably be rolling through some time in October. Much love to you both


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