Heading to Santa Fe

Downward facing with dog

We took our time getting ready this morning. Did some yoga and started packing up the camper. I tried airing up the tires with my new compressor that I had picked up at Home Depot. Same problem as the old one. Couldn’t handle the higher pressures as advertised on the package. Since we have now visited three whole states in the RV, we decided to stick our U.S. map decal on the side of Lexi and start pasting on the states we visit (we added Hawaii because we know we can’t drive there). We paid up our $10 and hit the road around midday.

PJ saw a little flock of sheep being led by their watchful dog, wandering along the road and wanted me to stop to take pictures. We had already passed them, but she insisted we go back. I got bent out of shape and made her feel bad so things were a little quiet for a while. When these things happen, we usually take some time and eventually talk it out and make it right.



Took a wrong exit in Albuquerque and the RV was feeling a little hot sitting in traffic trying to get back on the freeway to Santa Fe. I was stressing, so after we got through the city, we stopped in the little suburb of Bernalillo and walked the dogs and stocked up on groceries. We gave the rig a good 45 minutes of downtime before getting back on the freeway. We ran into some construction and quite a bit of uphill grade getting into Santa Fe. Was glad to pull into our little gravel pad in the heart of Santa Fe. Not the prettiest place we’ve camped but great location in town and clean amenities. Felt great to get in a shower, grab a quick bite and get an early night’s rest.

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