Relaxing Santa Fe

For being right in the middle of the city, Los Suenos RV park was surprisingly quiet. The night air was cool and we slept like lambs. Stayed in bed until after eight, then took the dogs to the grassy little park area at the back of the campground. Enjoyed an outside breakfast of cheesy scrambled eggs with tortillas and hot tea and coffee.

We took our time getting our things together, then locked the dogs in the air conditioned coach and stepped out onto Cerrillos Rd. and caught the bus towards down town. A guy who makes his living doing balloon tricks down at the plaza got on and made PJ a balloon poodle just as we were stepping off the bus. We easily found the Friendship Club and hit our first AA meeting since San Marcos. Awesome diverse group, about 25 people. Mostly locals but a number of visitors like us.

Stood around talking after, then walked over to the used book store where PJ picked out a handful of $1.00 hardbacks from the outside rack. Before hopping back on the bus, we stopped into the auto parts store and grabbed a jug of coolant to top off the reservoir in the motor home. Took the number 2 back to the RV park and found a pair of dogs inside still alive and kicking.

PJ’s balloon poodle on the antenna

We walked the dogs around then made peanut butter sandwiches before I walked back up to Auto Angels and made an appointment for tomorrow a.m. to change the oil and do a diagnostic on the drive train to see if they can find any issues that might solve our weak performance so far – ‘lack of power, that is our dilemma.’ Auto Angels garage was close to the RV park and they had great Yelp reviews, but we know how that has turned out in the past. We’re just going to pray and trust, like the license plate says.

I walked the mile or so home and stopped at the natural food market on the way and picked up some salsa, soyriso, and another carton of eggs. Back at camp, I took a little rest in the air conditioning and read the paper and dozed a bit. PJ roused me and we went to the little swimming pool by the office and jumped in the cold water. Definitely woke me up!


Thunder clouds were threatening, so we went back to the dogs but only a few showers passed quickly through. We gave the dogs some dinner, then we sat out at our little table eating burritos and checking out all of the new arrivals. Looking at some of the new rigs pull in, I start to get a little RV envy. Seems like everyone has at least one dog, so we get to see a parade of them walk by heading to the little poo area in the back. Koda and Cali have gotten really good at not reacting to other dogs barking at them. Proud of the way they behave. Trust me, it wasn’t always this way. I still laugh when someone, like the man at the Sedona restaurant, come over to tell us how well our dogs behave.

KOda’s new  lair under the RV, just don’t drive off!

We took long, hot showers, walked the dogs one more time, then retreated into the RV to read, write and relax.

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