Into Ohio

We had gained an hour yesterday, so our usual 10:30 crack of dawn start became an 11:30 beginning to our drive. We quickly crossed into Ohio and drove on for a long uneventful day. Missed a few turns due to the funky GPS (that’s my story, I’m sticking to it) and had to backtrack at the next off ramp but otherwise cruise control and well, cruise. 

Ohio makes a large part of its revenue from traffic fines. The army of troopers that have every man, woman and child in the state pulled over for a ticket by the side of the highway. Looks like martial law.

It was close to 5:00 when we arrived at our reserved camp spot in Mogadore, Ohio at “Countryside Campground”. We started pulling in but it looked more like “Countryside Parking Lot” with units squeezed together so tight you could the redneck next to you chewing his tobacco. We had passed a state park a few miles back, so we pulled out and drove back to Wingfoot State Park only to discover that it didn’t have camping just millions of picnickers for the Labor Day weekend. PJ walked the dogs while I looked online for alternatives. We ended up at Cherokee Park, a small campground with tons of local families partying for the weekend. We got a spot backing up to a large grass field and set up for the night. Pretty basic overnighting spot. We would have continued on, but we want to be close to Akron to visit Dr. Bob’s house tomorrow.