Dog Washing and Chemotherapy


Pete was already up and about when I got out of bed at 6:30. I took a quick shower, made a cup of tea then went out and checked the air pressure in the tires on the motorhome. Pamela is going to use it to drive Carole to the hair dresser later this morning, so I wanted to be sure that everything was in functional condition. Pete drove the back roads down to the hospital in Providence to avoid the major traffic areas. We were on time for his 8:00 chemo appointment and left the car with the valet parking guys out front.


Before Pete gets his bi-weekly infusions, a technician has to draw blood to determine how strong to make the dosage. He goes two days in a row every two weeks. He had the bloodwork done yesterday before the first infusion, so today they had everything preset and brought him back to the chemotherapy room as soon as we checked in. Pete is a favorite with the nurses who have tended to his treatment over a long period of time now. After he was hooked up, we sat around in the small room watching T.V. and reading the paper. It required less than two hours to get all of his fluids delivered via the electronic IV machine. He’s been tolerating the treatment well. The only outward sign being a little redness in the face.





We returned to Warwick and since the womenfolk were off doing salon stuff, we decided to stop off at Nick’s diner in the little strip mall a few blocks from the house. Nick and his wife, Joan greeted Pete warmly as we ordered up our breakfast. Old school diner that doesn’t appear to have changed much in the 32 years Nick has been there cooking up hash browns. Excellent omelet and real home cooking vibe.


Back at the house, Pete got a second wind and started fertilizing his lawn. His lawn is his baby. He’s got the nicest, greenest patch of grass within a 2 square mile radius.



I was finishing the crossword puzzle when the ladies pulled up in style behind the wheel of the Lexington. Everyone was in an upbeat mood and we sat around out on the patio on what was promising to be the last warm day of 2016. Temperatures are predicted to drop by 15 degrees tomorrow with lows in the 40s.




Cali and Koda received well needed baths then got to roll around on the grass after we finished drying them. A clean dog is a happy dog.



Pete and I transplanted a row of flowering plants that were getting swallowed up by the ivy along the driveway side fence. I dug them up then we placed then in a row in the mulch by the fence near the pool. Afterwards, we relaxed on the patio watching the large groups of birds that were carbo loading on the feeders set up around the yard.




After such a burst of hard work, a long nap was in order. Having risen so early, I was soon fast asleep. A little later, I straightened a few things in the motorhome and took some measurements for some storage boxes to replace the bins I have in the RV closet.



A quiet dinner of ham, potatoes and salad then an early night