Lackadaisical Day

We had a pretty mellow day today. After breakfast, I mowed the back yard then we pulled the bikes out of the shed and gave them a good cleaning up. 3700 miles strapped on the back of a traveling RV had built up quite a layer of dirt. 

When we had the bikes looking shiny and new, we took them for a ride around town. We took back streets over past the Pilgrim church, then rode down Warwick Ave. staying on the sidewalk as the road itself was a little too narrow for safety. We rode as far as Dave’s market then turned back towards the house taking a detour to stop by the lake and check it out along the way.

Back at the house, we sat out in the yard for a while then Pam made us all some lunch. Took a nap, read my book and rested most of the day. In the afternoon, PJ and I went for swim in the pool, then sat on the patio with Pete and Carole. We were a bunch of bookworms, all sitting around the table reading our novels.

Soon an afternoon thunderstorm moved through the area sending us into the house and sending the dogs into panic mode. Pete and Pam put together a nice spaghetti dinner, then we relaxed watching a little t.v. then reading some more. Lackadaisical day.