A Day of Errands

Started our day riding our bikes down to the Daily Reflections meeting at the Pilgrim Church. It was a good meeting with lots of the same faces from Tuesday. We lingered a while after and talked with some of the crew then rode our bikes down the block to Honey Dew doughnuts. I had a large tea and a bagel while we talked about our plans for the next week or so.
Rode on back to Chez Mahoney and walked the dogs around the neighborhood. Upon our return, Pete was ready to go down to the University of Rhode Island to pick up some accessories for his hearing aids from their medical center. Boys only outing. It was a pleasant drive just the two of us. We talked about the trip, the RV and the local area we were driving through. We drove around the URI campus looking at the field house and sports facilities. On the outskirts of the campus there are large cornfields with a stand selling freshly picked corn. We picked up several ears to go along with our bar-b-que tonight.

URI field house

Down the road a ways, we stopped at the Home Depot so I could purchase a number of small items for repairs on the coach and a hook and eye latch for the gate we built for the dogs at Pete’s house. After that, we made a visit to Arlington RV where I picked up a few needed parts for the motorhome. I was going to make an apt. to have some electrical issues looked at, but their service dept. is back logged all the way up to Oct. 5th.

A few more quick errands, checking the used book store for the next book on the Game of Thrones series and then grabbing an iced coffee for Carole at Dunkin Donuts. No luck on the book. We returned home where I rested a while doing the crossword puzzle in the paper. PJ and Pete put together a tasty meal of asparagus, potatoes, corn on the cob and barbecue steaks. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a steak. It was good eating, then good relaxing afterwards.