Into the Woods

PJ didn’t have the greatest night’s sleep, so we hit the snooze button and took our time getting out of bed. We finished loading the RV, then sat down for a nice breakfast with Pete and Carole. Some tears were shed as we said our final good byes out in front of the house. Much love and appreciation to you both for taking such good care of us during our stay. It has been a wonderful three weeks, but it is time for us snowbirds to head to warmer climates.

The weather was gloomy and drizzly as we started down the highway. Stocked up at the neighborhood Stop & Shop and were heading towards New Jersey a little before noon. Lexi was itching to get all eight of her cylinders flowing and the driving was easy as we passed through Connecticut and into New York. Google had heavy traffic at the Tappen Zee bridge crossing the Hudson River but we sailed right through. Awesome views from the bridge looking down towards New York City.

Soon we were breezing down little back roads of New Jersey getting into more forested areas. We stopped at a little turn out to give the dogs a pee break and I hear this big Kapow. I turned around and a Cadillac had rear ended a young lady making a left hand turn. Air bags were deployed and lots of people stopped to help. I went over to see if there was anything to be done, but the situation was well in hand. A cop was pulling up by the time we were pulling away.

We took a couple pictures with a giant Jesus in Jefferson Township then drove a few more miles to the Mahlon Dickerson Reservation, a camping and hiking area in eastern New Jersey, state number 14 for us. There are only about 20 sites here tucked into the tall trees. Although it was only 5:00, the sky was already getting dark. We parked up in the misty forest and set up camp. I went for a hike in the dusk and the mist down a small trail at the back of the camp ground. Lots of bears in these parts, so I was keeping an eye out. When I would stop walking, there was total silence except the sound of water droplets falling from the leaves. Eerie and beautiful. 

Prince O’ Peace

It was near total darkness by the time I returned. Pamela was feeding the mutts, then we all went for a walk through the campground. We are a little tired and ready for an early sleep.

Blair Witch Dog


A very special Happy Birthday to my sister Mette. Hope it was a great one. Love from both of us.

3 thoughts on “Into the Woods

  1. Thanks for taking us along on your trip. It looked like you had a nice visit with your folks and I know how had those good byes can be. But, your off and on your way. Nice pics Mike.


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