Keeping Warm

The day dawned slowly, bringing with it grey and cloudy skies. Occasional showers would patter on the thin roof of the RV making us happy to be in our warm little shelter. After a bit of conversation, we decided that we would stay where we are for the day and enjoy the peace and quiet of our little campground.

The camp office is ready for Halloween

We took the dogs on an early morning hike on the trail that parallels the main highway. It’s fun letting them run free, but sometimes it can also be a pain. They ran down a side path and when they came back, Koda thought we had gone the other way and took off running to find us. We called out to her but her hearing has gotten to the point where she couldn’t register our shouts. We had to chase her down as we could see her starting to get scared and run the wrong way at a faster pace. But, all was well as we finally got her attention and continued back. She stayed close to us all the way to the motorhome.


The internet here is good and I spent quite a bit of time researching the next step on our travels. We want to spend a day in Cape May and then take the ferry across to Delaware. Our main concern at this point is Hurricane Matthew which is expected to reach Florida by Friday and work its way up the eastern seaboard from there. We’ll have to keep a close watch and see if it turns, weakens or comes full on. We might have to hold up and wait for it to pass or head inland if it picks up speed.


We were getting a little stir crazy, so when the sky was clear we headed out to wander around the camp. PJ had ago on the giant jumpy thing out front, then we strolled into the side of the camp with the long term campers. Some of them had some pretty elaborate decorations going on. A popular addition for many was a little palapa bar for entertaining their friends. The weather was keeping people indoors or they were working or gone for the season, but the benefit for us was having the run of the campground.





We hiked up a trail in the back side of the property where the mountain bikers had a track set up for racing around with berms on the corners and a jump near the top. Cali did some jumping of her own running circles around the rest of us as she followed the scent of another varmint down the path.



Yesterday’s neighbors moved out and a couple of new neighbors moved in, but everyone kind of kept inside and we didn’t really get to meet anyone new. Easy going day, lots of reading and lounging to the rhythm of the rain and wind through the trees.

3 thoughts on “Keeping Warm

  1. The other snowbirds from SD are also headed to warmer climates. Enjoy the season changes and steer clear of Mathew!!!!!
    Love US


  2. One of my favorite photos is your fungi! Wow! Beautiful fall colors! Andrew is enjoying the Game of Throne series now! You’ll have to compare notes. Off to The Pacific Nirthwest next week to visit friends and tour! Love you both and be safe. Kim, Mags and Nick


  3. Finally caught up with you guys. Brillant reading. 😀
    Said Bonne route to Ray and Sandy today. So look up, you may catch a glimse of them. 😉
    Bonne route to you too. Stay safe and keep posting. ☺


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