Exit Zero

Cape May impressed enough that we decided to give it another day and really, until hurricane Matthew passes, there’s no need for us to be hurrying south. The forecast for it reaching this far has become very unlikely so we’ll just tarry awhile in this neck of the woods. We are at the very tip of New Jersey where the Garden State Parkway ends and the off ramp is labeled Exit O. Lots of souvenirs use this as their slogan and it is common to see on t-shirts in town.

Our entire morning was given over to housekeeping activities. PJ polished up the interior of the coach while I did maintenance on the bikes and reorganized the under carriage storage box.

Stand Back!

The sun found its way past the clouds and it turned into an amazing fall day for the northeast. A little cool but the direct rays of the sun took the chill right off. We hopped on the bikes and rode into town making our first stop at the Cape May Bike Shop. Our fancy grips had become permanently sticky and it was getting more annoying with each ride. Tom, the mechanic at the shop said it was due to getting sunblock on the soft rubber that was supposed give the grips a positive hold. They replaced them with some simple ones made of harder rubber and the change feels great. We hung out talking story with the bike shop guys, then bought a couple of tee shirts and took off down the road.

We biked over to the walking street and I got comfortable on a bench while PJ wandered off to poke her nose into a couple of the boutiques and specialty shops designed to separate tourists from their hard earned cash. I wasn’t the only husband holding down a bench. When I looked around it quickly became apparent that my position was no where near unique.

Waiting on the Wives


I amused myself taking photos of the horse drawn carriages, the people and buildings in the city center. An older gentleman in a motorized wheelchair caught my eye when he pulled out into traffic and lined himself up in the left turn lane to make the transition to the boulevard heading away from the beach. Everyone was patient with him and gave him the time to buzz on through the intersection dodging horse carriages, cars and pedestrians

Don’t forget your blinker

Pamela soon returned and we pedaled on down to the beach. We rode on the boardwalk the half mile or so to the end. At the jetty, only one lone surfer was giving the bumpy little breakers a go. A flock of starlings were zipping in waves and patterns across the afternoon sky sometimes hiding in a hedge of bushes then bursting back out to fly another sortie over the bed and breakfast along the beachfront. The beaches have a different look in the east with dunes lining the entry to the beach with sea grass and little wooden stake fences. Very quaint and distinctive look.

At the boardwalk’s end, a few more surfers were catching a shallow little left was dumping right on the sand. We were watching from the pavilion when an older gentleman joined us and began to give us some history on the area. We talked a while then started making our way back towards the campground. The CVS store was on the way, so we picked up a few needed items. We made another visit to the honor payment produce stand looking for some mushrooms for tonight’s omelets. No mushrooms, but some fresh organic spinach. Picked a bag out of the fridge then tossed a couple of dollars in the slot and headed back to check on the pups.

Fresh Spinach

We got the dogs walked and fed, then I cooked up some spinach, cheese and cilantro omelets sprinkled with Cholula sauce and served up with a spinach salad and tortillas. Care free lounging after dinner reading the local paper, playing with photos and writing a few words. It was one of those days where things flowed easily and we were able to remain present in each moment.

2 thoughts on “Exit Zero

  1. Waiting out Matthew sounds like a very sensible idea to me. With hurricanes if the storm doesn’t get you the evacuations will. See if there is any South left to go through, first. Love S and R


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