After the Rains

We woke up to sunny, cloudless skies. The wind was still blowing this morning, but not as hard as it has been. As the day progressed, it decreased steadily until it was an easy breeze by the late afternoon.

The back was giving me grief, so we decided to stay put for one more day and do laundry and take it easy, I did a lot of reading and laying on my back.

We went for a long walk behind the campground and down to the marina. As we were passing the Coast Guard station, a bookish looking fellow pointed out a yellow crowned heron situated in a juniper tree along the wetlands. I took a few photos and removed my sunglasses and hung them from my collar to better see the viewfinder. Immediately after, we crossed the street and walked down to a small sandy cove where a lone fisherman was casting his line. PJ wanted a picture, so I walked a few feet down on the sand and gave her a smile. We were just a few steps out on the sidewalk leaving when I realized my sunglasses were no longer with me. We retraced out steps and the fisherman was walking around the beach area and there were no sunglasses to be seen. Pam asked him if he’d seen them and he warily said he hadn’t. We searched a bit more in vain and then realized there was nothing we could do.

We walked over to the marina that sits behind the campground. It is a snug little harbor with a large number of boats resting in their slips. The tropical looking restaurant was closed for the season and there weren’t many people about. We retraced our steps and gave another little hunt for the glasses. The fisherman was loading his gear into his car and taking off. No luck. We returned to Lexi and I got back into my book.

PJ was ready to do some laundry, so I took a quick lukewarm shower so we could wash the clothes I was wearing while we were at it. The afternoon went by quickly and as we neared sunset, the wind was almost gone. We took the dogs and walked out to the beach and then as we returned along the river, we took in an amazing after the storm sunset. We had some tasty tacos, then relaxed in the van.

Tacos Anyone?

2 thoughts on “After the Rains

  1. You cats are truly living the dream. The more of these I read, the sorrier for myself I get. . .!!!
    Enjoy it out there–somebody deserves to!


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