Easy Days at Grayton Beach

Today was my day to sleep in while PJ was up and exploring early this morning. She took in the sunrise and hiked with the dogs on the little trail that runs along the lake just outside our door. The day started off chilly and took quite a while to warm up.

Sunrise over the lake

When she got back, we had some breakfast outside and spent most of the morning reading and relaxing. Total laziness. Sometimes I almost feel guilty, but the sensation passes quickly. In the early afternoon I took a shower to liven myself up. We did a load of laundry then headed down to the beach.

54 degrees start to the day

From a distance, I caught myself wondering if that was snow or is it sand the beach is so white. We figured out that the purple flag that they were flying was a warning for jellyfish. We saw quite a few day after seeing none yesterday. Luckily, the water is so clear that you can spot them at quite a distance and avoid any close encounters. 

There were also sting rays swimming about in the shallows. We saw three foraging around the area we were swimming. Although not so crowded as it was yesterday, there were still quite a few people enjoying the warm afternoon. We took in another beautiful sunset then headed back to camp.

I got a fire going while PJ cooked us up some veggie burgers and hot dogs. Sat around the fire enjoying our dinner. The time change had us in the dark by 5:45. Might take some getting used to. Walked the dogs around the campground, as much to check out the new campers that have arrived as to exercise the hounds. Easy evening relaxing getting set for an early night.