Mellow Mar Rosa

Not having any agenda or feeling any pressure to get anywhere, we slept in this morning. PJ stepped out and did some yoga on the patio while I goofed around inside. I started the morning with a quick dip in the ocean then we had breakfast outside watching the locals fish along the shoreline out in front of our camp.
We both went out mid morning and body surfed the small waves rolling in out front trading off with my kickboard. I swam down to the jetty and back. When we felt we had gotten our allotment of sun, we came back to the RV and sat around out in the shade. I talked to Melano, the manager on duty today and extended our stay through Wednesday morning. He agreed to let us change campsites. He pointed us towards a fruteria on Cameron Sabalo so we set off to buy some bananas.
We came across a sidewalk restaurant and sat down for some vittles. Fairly healthy fare. I had grilled marlin tacos while PJ ordered up a pair of quesadillas, vegetable soup and we had a side of guacamole. The star of the program was the vegetable soup. Fresh al dente veggies and a delicious broth. Best veggie soup I’ve yet encountered. We took our time eating and watching people passing by on the street. Lots of families in town for the weekend with kids in tow all excited to get to the beach carrying their little life rings to float around.

PJ got the notion that we should walk down to the marina and have a look, so we began our Bataan death march in the blazing afternoon sun. Just as we we were beginning to melt we snuck into a fancy hotel and toured around the beach and pool area enjoying their shade and using the facilities.


We continued on nearly stepping on a fly coated chicken wing on the sidewalk. We looked up and we were standing in front the Vancouver Wings restaurant. Not sure if this is how they hope to promote their establishment, but it’s not working with us 😬.

Maybe cook it and add a little sauce before tossing it on the sidewalk next time

We looked at some cheesy styrofoam boogie boards for PJ, but none of the vendors were even willing to bargain. We’ll try to find a real boogie board somewhere down the road. We were on our way home now and beginning to heat up again, so we stopped and grabbed some fresh fruit paletas (popsicles) and sat on a bench and cooled down a bit. Stopped in at the fruit store and scored a papaya, a pineapple, and a bunch of bananas for around $3.00. A buck goes pretty far in Mexico these days.

Upon our return, we moved everything over a few spots and turned Lexi facing south so we were no longer in the fish bowl for the hotel next door. Got the patio area arranged nicely, cleaned things up then went for another swim in the warm Pacific waters. No need for dinner after our late lunch. There was supposed to be some big fireworks display on the malecon in honor of the marathoners, but we failed to see it from our patio. It was a nice evening to sit out there anyway so we enjoyed the breezes and the cooler weather that we are feeling tonight.