Musical Chairs

Wednesday’s Post – Internet’s been on the fritz

Another moving day. Sleep proved exceptionally elusive last night, so I was a bit slow moving today. PJ got up early to take the dogs out and I got busy packing things up. Still amazes me how much stuff we haul around. A full pickup truck bed. Alfredo came by around midday and helped us move over to Casa Chabacano, a nice two bedroom unit in the center of the resort. This is casita number four in our magical mystery tour around Los Arroyos. I really like the layout of this one. One positive thing from being displaced so much by people with prior reservations is that we are getting a good idea of which units and which areas of the grounds we like the most so if we decide to go long term, we’ll know that we’re choosing the best option.

Spent most of the afternoon getting things set up how we like them then caught the afternoon shuttle over to Chedraui and stocked up on groceries. Relaxing evening eating ceviche and hanging around the pad.


One thought on “Musical Chairs

  1. Being nomads at Los Arroyos looks good on both of you. Stress lines are fading rapidly. Does two bedrooms mean room for company? We have big winds here today with the promise of big rain through tomorrow, so we fixed the brake lights on both of our cars, and are now settled down with hot chocolate. Furnace is working now. Hope it keeps up til Monday, when new Furnace is scheduled to be installed. XOXO R&S


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