Nursing the colds

Another explosive morning. PJ and Cali moved over to the other room and closed themselves in to try to muffle the sound. We got a late start and we’re racing out of Pequeno Paraiso to get to the AA meeting. We arrived a few minutes late but didn’t miss much. I volunteered to chair the meeting next week to fill in for someone who won’t be making it. 

We went to Clarita’s restaurant afterwards with a couple of friends for breakfast. Another person they knew joined us and we all talked non-stop as we waited for our food. Clarita’s is a sweet little spot tucked in the back yard of a boutique on he main road into town. A young girl was playing music on a small stage at the rear of the garden. Peruvian sounding tunes played on a ukulele. Fun and entertaining.

PJ headed home to tend to the hounds and I headed over to the market to pick up a few groceries. When I pulled up to Bernal’s on my bicycle I saw Bob who we had met on our honeymoon waiting for his wife Wanda outside of the store. We talked for a while mostly about fishing and retirement. Good to see them. Wanda came out and we promised to meet up later and they went on their way and I went in to shop.

After the general store, I pedaled down to the fish market and bought a few sierra filets and a half kilo of shrimp. Went home and just gave our colds a rest for the remainder of the day. I made an early dinner of shrimp sautéed with garlic and mushrooms. After that it was more lounging and when the evening bombs got the dogs all stirred up, we walked back into town to tire them out a bit. My embarrassing moment was stopping into the store and gathering a bunch of groceries before realizing I had left the wallet at home. We walked back down the mellow coastal road under the light of the full moon and relaxed.

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