Slow Motion Saturday

The bombs started exploding at 5:30 this morning. Cali took it especially hard shivering and trying to claw her way up onto the bed. Every time we’d just about get back to sleep, another salvo would sound from somewhere off in the distance. At 7:00 a grand finale of about 20 firecrackers finished the mornings joyous celebrations. It took a while for the xanax to take effect and calm poor Cali’s anxiety.

We might have over done it a little bit yesterday at the beach. Our colds are reasserting their virulence leaving us tired and nowhere near 100%. It took us quite a while to get going today. Around midday, we walked down to the tianguis, the small street fair in town. We didn’t see much of interest, but saw a few friends and said hellos.

At one, we walked over to Olivia’s Restaurant on the beach to meet our friend Kichie for lunch. She drove up from Bucerias with her friend Lynn. We sat and chatted for quite a while then ordered up some tasty fish plates. PJ found a kindred soul on Lynn and the subject turned to yoga and spiritual topics. Kichie treated us as an early birthday celebration. Thanks again for the delicious meal and enjoyable afternoon. Angel, the beach vendor who passes by with his tray of pies every day, came by and we picked out some tropical fruit pies to eat for dessert.

We spent two leisurely hours eating lunch and catching up. Kichie drove us back to El Pequeno Paraiso and Lynn climbed the stairs and had a look at the casita. We saw them off then took the dogs for a stroll along the beach. We are super low energy and sat for a while on the sand down by Pretty Sunset.

Returned home and took it really easy. 

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