Slow moving Sunday

Day by day there is a steady exodus of gringos from Lo de Marcos. This morning a couple of the few remaining motorhomes pulled out of the compound leaving only three lonely RVers left behind. There are still a few cabina dwellers counting down the days and for this long weekend a number of Mexican families have taken up residence. Last week, the secretary of the Sunday morning meeting was looking for someone to take her spot as she was headed back to Canada and I volunteered to be the keeper of the keys. So today was my first day setting up and chairing the meeting. We pedaled on over and opened up the building and had a good meeting. 

After the meeting, we ran a few errands. I got a bar-b-qued chicken from Carlos at the corner half oil drum grill. He and his brother were out grilling up the seasoned poultry. I got a whole chicken with some potatoes and cole slaw. 

Carlos, tending the birds

It was right next to Bernal’s market, so PJ ran in and got a basket of groceries while I was waiting for my bird. I loitered on the sidewalk keeping an eye on the bicycles. PJ was goofing around with the ladies inside while waiting in line.

We stowed our supplies in our panniers and rode the bikes around on Calle Zapata to avoid the cobbles and came out at the fish market down past the plaza. Rodrigo’s catch today was a choice of sierra or tuna fresh off the boat. I had him filet me up a couple of sierra and also picked up a half kilo of shrimp. 

We raced home, put away the groceries then I sat out on the north deck and enjoyed the hot chicken with some fresh tortillas. Afterwards, it was time for a session in my new hammock. Got in some reading and napped off and on. Reading Texas by James Michener. Fun read and his books always have some degree of a history lesson to them.

There are still a lot of weekend visitors enjoying the beach. In the late afternoon, we braved the crowds and went down to get in the ocean. A group of our El Pequeno Paraiso crew was hanging on the sand by the gate so we joined them for some conversation and we had a nice dip in the cool water. It was a pleasant, low key evening.

For dinner, I sautéed up the fish in butter and garlic and served it up with potatoes and the cole slaw that came with the chicken. So far, tonight is a total turn around from last night’s raucous noise fest. Pretty quiet with a cool breeze blowing through the palms. Peaceful.

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