Hanging around the house

I spent most of the morning wrestling with shoddy internet connections trying to get a blog post finished. Since about midday yesterday all cell phone service has been out in the area so not only can I not get calls, my internet hotspot isn’t functioning. PJ got a wild hair and became focused on using up the remainder of the roofing paint to add coverage on spots that might need a little touch up on the deck.

I sat out on the sky deck watching the circle spin as the house internet ever so slowly uploaded photos from yesterday. I finally got a post I was happy with in the early afternoon and cleaned up a couple of older posts. I played guitar a little bit and when Miguel was releasing his frustrations on his drum set, I grabbed my djembe and pounded back an answer on my little drum. Mari came to clean the houses so we dodged around from room to room to let her do her thing.

I cooked up a couple of fried egg, cheese and avocado sandwiches for lunch using the fresh bread from the tianguis yesterday. Killer meal. PJ was into her project so I headed down to the beach in the late afternoon. There was a decent little shorebreak in front, so I used my swim board to catch a bunch of snappy little close outs. A few stand up guys we’re catching some mushy waves at the point. There were some strong currents and a swimmer had to get rescued by the local lifeguard who put him on one of those giant lifesaving boards then shoved him into the shorebreak where he went head over heels onto the sand. But he was saved and all was good. Caught a few more waves then laid around on the sand reading my book.

PJ came down all covered in paint and jumped in the water to rinse herself off. We didn’t hang around much longer before heading home to cook up one of the fish filets that Bob had given us. I butterflied the filet and cooked in up in cocoanut oil with garlic salt. Pompano was a new fish for me but one I’ll definitely eat again. Nice flaky texture and mild flavor. Lounged for the rest of the evening.

View from the deck

One thought on “Hanging around the house

  1. blinded by the light and color of ur life you two have always touched my heart strings and now they r stringing full force love you both


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