Home Bodies 

Another day in the life. Hiked up the road until the pavement ended then turned around and took the dogs out to check the surf.Some small slow moving waves at the point but way too many people surfing. Hard to justify the crowd for the wave we get here.

Miguel coming in from a session out front

PJ and I both have been feeling a little under the weather so we were basically home bodies, not leaving the penthouse for most of the day. The dogs were happy to get in some serious lounging on their new straw mat. It was a mat that had gotten wet and we set it out on the sunny side of the deck to dry. The dogs have adopted it as their latest tanning area and spend much of the morning sunning themselves there.

In the late afternoon, I went over to Alzarohi, the beach restaurant out front and ordered fish filets to go. As they were cooking, I jumped in the water and body surfed some shallow beach break slammers. Tranquil evening eating our to go meals out on the deck watching the sun paint the sky.

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