Running Around Town

Yesterday, I had spoken with Memo about looking at some real estate to get ideas of what’s available and to get an idea of costs here in Lo de Marcos. He had told me to meet him at the plaza at 8:00 and we would go to see a house near the river, the house he rents actually as the owner is selling. I set the alarm for 7:00 (which last week was 6:00) and got ready and walked on over to the zocalo. Memo was there with the young family with the two girls we’d seen shooting sling shots in the back neighborhood yesterday along with another older gringo. 

I figured everybody had an interest in the property and Memo was going to show us all at once. We walked through the back neighborhoods on the north side of town and came across the bridge under construction that will span the river and unfortunately, open up the relatively unspoiled north side to more development. We passed through agricultural fields and soon passed Memo’s house and kept going into the jungle. Memo took his time to point out interesting nature facts as we went along, things like leaf cutter ants and their habits and the workings of strangler figs. Soon enough I figured out we were on a eco hike and no property was going to get looked at on this day. No problem, I rolled with it and met some really interesting people. The older guy was Chris, a retiree from Iowa enjoying his last day in Lo de Marcos. Dan and Andrea had traveled from Wisconsin with their two daughters, and like us, were arriving late and staying into the summer.

Pineapple fields forever 🎼

Strangler fig engulfing a palm

The girls were super cute, taking in all of the jungle and the younger one was the aspiring photographer, borrowing the smart phone to take pictures from artistic angles. When we popped out onto the beach near the north headland, Memo ditched us and ran off to catch a business meeting leaving Chris to be the guide. We had a look at the turtle release area. How many times have I passed it without realizing what it was? Dan and Andrea will be around for a few months so we exchanged contact information and I headed back to the casita.

Emerging at the beach near the lagoon
PJ was doing yoga on the deck. I made some tea and relaxed on the balcony inhaling the morning like a rush of fresh air. I joined Pea for some stretching then we decided to bike into town to see about rooms at the Villa del Rey for my friend Dave who’s threatening to visit. The place was a ghost town and the woman we met said they were closing it up for the season so that idea’s out. Too bad, it looked like a nice spot. 

We bounced over the cobblestones to see about Spanish classes across from the plaza. No one home there. There is a young woman who sets up tables on the street next to our favorite vegetable stand selling different food items. Seafood and baked goods mostly. We sat at the table with an expat French lady who now lives in Oaxaca and ordered up some ceviche and fish burgers from Katrina who works the street side restaurant in front of her grandmother’s house. Everyone was exceptionally friendly and we were feeling outgoing and talkative too. 

The ceviche was the best I’ve had and the fish patties were killer also. Great place to sit across from the plaza for watching the townsfolk and tourists passing to and fro. Chris from the hike this morning stopped by with his wife and we all talked awhile. They’ll be taking their time driving home spending time in warmer southwest climes before heading all the way back to Iowa. Then a girl from Idaho sat down and quizzed us about the town. Totally social day, Katrina is awesome, natural food and really positive vibes. 

Katrina is a sweetheart, the food is amazing and the plaza is right there for people watching

I was thinking nap as we were riding home, but PJ pedaled the bike all the way to the beach gate when we got back to El Pequeno Paraiso. The remaining gang from our complex (all four of them) and a few friends were sitting on the sand listening to a pair of roving musicians serenading them on the beach. One guy was beating a set of square wooden bongos and the other was playing guitar and blowing on a set of Peruvian pan flutes hanging around his neck. They were good. Asked them to play ‘La Gota Fria’ and they busted it out while I sang the return parts. So much for a nap, we put up our town stuff, grabbed our beach gear and jumped in the water with boogie boards, grays on trays. Lots of fun getting pounded until we started getting cold. Ward swam out and Andrea from this morning paddled over with a boogie also and everyone got rolled on the sand. 

PJ and I drip dried on the plastic chairs as the shadows grew long. Our friends Larry and Judith came down for a swim and chatted for a while then Bob from next door came out to help with a fishing boat. We told him of Cali’s harrowing encounter with mad attack cat from Cruz Maria. He had warned us, but who would believe that this wiry little cat would really jump up and grab your dog by the face with both paws and give her a healthy bite. Cali gives Cruz Maria a wide berth these days. 

We showered up then were excited to hear the car loud speaker announcing the arrival of home made tamales delivered to your door. Enrique, the one time vegetable guy was now driving around selling tamales. PJ ran down and bought a half dozen then we watched a little news and had them for dinner.

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