Tacos & Waves

We stayed close to home this morning. PJ did yoga and meditated while I plunked away on my guitar. I downloaded a new app, GuitarTapp, which has music and chords for tons of songs. It displays them on the screen and automatically scrolls down to follow the music, so no flipping pages or pausing to manually scroll the computer screen. Big print and easy to follow. Fingers are sore from hours of strumming.

Miguel and Nancy came up for a visit. We worked out our rent situation and exchanged a few songs and tips with Miguel. They are going to drive Barb & Brian to the airport this afternoon. That’s right, two more of the four remaining neighbors are abandoning us today. They are definite favorites, we will miss you guys. Said our goodbyes and exchanged contact information. A compound of apartments and RV sites that houses about 100 people at its peak is nearly empty. A little eerie. But, not to worry, next week we will have a hundred tents pitched all around the grounds and all of the rooms will be filled. 

Barb & Brian -back to the Kootenays, safe travels

We hit the beach and I spotted Mark & Laura heading out for a swim with Molly. I quickly invited myself along and the four of us swam down past the arroyo then back. Water is warming up and the sky was sunny and blue. Picture perfect day for the water. When we got back, PJ paddled out and met us on a surfboard. She is having a go at learning to surf. One of the full time expat women is giving her a lesson. I ran and grabbed my board and paddled out to catch a few waves while PJ stayed closer to shore and tried to catch some mellow inside waves. We had a fun little session then went in before getting too fried.

Photobombed by Bob, so I guess it’s ‘photobobbed’
Laura wants to pass on a song she knows – San Diego Serenade. We stowed our gear then walked down the beach to their place on the sand. They have an awesome little casita right on the water in the middle of the bay. We inspected their newly done remodel and gave it two thumbs up. Laura pulled out a couple of guitars and we got down to pickin’. Sweet tune with unique lyrics. I got the main gist of it and with a little more work on the walk downs and pulling off parts, I think I can pick it up. They encouraged me to not fret (pun intended) and just play no matter who’s around. Many thanks.

Mark & Laura had to head off for a dinner date and PJ and I set off on the hunt for tacos. We strolled along the beach and into town but not much was open. We came upon Tacos Vicky about half way down the main road and pulled up a chair. Really clean kitchen area and friendly family serving up the chow. We ordered up tacos and quesadillas then loaded them up with all the accouterments and sauces that they had lining the counter, a tocho morocho. 

Pleasantly tired from our long afternoon of water and sun, we slowly ambled back towards home. We had made it a few blocks from the restaurant when a young boy came running up, stopping us to deliver a hand full of pesos. He said his mom mistakenly charged us too much and sent him to chase us down and refund the overage. Tacos Vicky is on my diners club list of favorites.

Wind is blowing and the surf is sounding loudly in the night. Feeling the burn from too much time at the beach. Dogs are sound asleep and I will be momentarily. Internet’s down as it so often is, so I’ll see about posting this tomorrow. Buenas noches.

One thought on “Tacos & Waves

  1. I take a yoga class once or twice a week and pilates occasionally. While YOU mention it daily, YET don’t have any pics to document it. Pics of everything else under the sun, but NOT you in a pose!
    ; – >


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