Random Ramblings

Not a lot happening in Lo de Marcos since we got back. The holiday weekend brought out a moderate number of city folks but nothing like Semana Santa. Some of the bungalows had visitors but we were fairly quiet. La Parota across the way had a busload of tenters spread across the campground surrounding one lone holdout pair of senior gringos in an RV.

We did some swimming going out past the rocks at the point then down the coast a ways and back. PJ is up to 35 minutes without stopping. The water was super clear and a few local divers were out prying oysters off of the rocks. Various colorful fishes were feeding among the rocks. We had to dodge the fishing boats coming and going across the reef.

Wacha’ Chacalaca!

We had a couple of meals at El Socio Restaurant just outside the gate. Good and cheap with the waves lapping up to your feet. Just watch your head on the low hanging palapa if you’re wearing a hat!

Under the shade of the tinaca seemed like a good place to set up the little kiddie pool to keep cool on the hot afternoons that are coming our way. Lots of goofing off, hanging in hammocks and hiding in the shade as summer creeps up on us. 

This morning a lost deer wandered into camp. It looked like he might have been attacked by a dog. It seemed rather tame so it may be someone’s pet. I was for herding out towards the hills in back, but everyone in camp got involved in trying to catch it and relocate it. I bowed out when too many differing opinions of what to do starting getting bandied around and the growing number of ‘rescuers’ was starting to spook the deer. Soon, the crew gave up chasing it around and left the deer some fruit and water under the old truck beneath the palapa built into the big ficus tree. Last we saw as we were pulling out, the little fella was munching on some watermelon and looking relatively calm.

Today, we are checked into Los Arroyos Verdes to get P.J. to the airport tomorrow with the minimum of hassle. Slow and quiet here in the sticks. Good to be among friends. In the corral next door, P.J.’s calf is looking healthy and growing. Might be time to head off to the pool.