El Chapo

I got busy this morning organizing things and getting ready to pack. How did we end up with so much stuff to try to load into our little RV? I’ve been making executive decisions on eliminating some items. I think I have things pretty well sorted, now it’s just a matter of hauling it all down the stairs and finding a way to get it all to fit in the humble spaces available in Lexi’s interior.

Needing a break, I hopped on my bicycle and made a grocery run to get the type of food that works well on the road. Fully loaded bike. I left the non-perishable goods in the RV and toted the refrigerated items up to the tower. Cooked me a pork chop with rice and an egg then ate it on the balcony while trying unsuccessfully to get my flying lucha libre kite up in the air.

Worked consistently throughout the afternoon then took the dogs out around seven o’clock. Lorenzo was tending to the yellow house on the corner and I asked him if the owners would rent it long term. He said he’d ask, then told me he has two houses just down the block that he wants to rent out. After taking the dogs for paseo and putting them away, Lorenzo and I walked over to his houses and checked them out. 

His houses are a few blocks down Calle Universidad, just past Calle Risco. I’ve walked past them a million times. He is asking P12,000 which would equate to ~$635.00 a month. For the curious here is what Lorenzo’s got. The first casa is one bedroom with a nice front yard area. They are in a quiet area surrounded by fancy gringo houses. Lorenzo is the last of the locals on this block.

The other casa is a two bedroom in the back part of the same lot. To get to it, you have to pass through a utility hut that isolates it from the front lot. Lorenzo is the caretaker at Cruz Maria trailer park. You can find him there if you are interested.

I thanked Lorenzo then rode my bike into town to get some tacos. The plaza was buzzing with a fiesta being set up and the usual hot dog and taco vendors hawking their wares. It was close to 8:00 and most of the taco joints were still getting set up. I was the first customer at Tacos Vicky. I kicked back and savoured my dinner while watching the townsfolk making their way to the plaza for the music.

Mango Madness across the street, they are everywhere!

I paid my tab and rode over to the plaza. Elections are coming up in the first week in June and the event was a political rally for El Chapo for presidente of Bahia de Banderas. No, not THAT El Chapo, El Chapo Perez. There was a pretty good crowd, lots of families with kids playing on the playground equipment. I listened to a couple of musicians, but left after the second round of political speeches. 

Stopped at the beach near town to watch the sun go down. Magic evening.

Never gets old

Back home, I tidied up enough to clear a space to sleep and packed away my swimming gear. The house looks like a bomb went off.