Getting Myself in Order

Today, I got serious about sorting things out and getting things ready to haul down and pack into the RV. The day was hot and I was busting a sweat early. I got the tires all topped up and replaced the non-functional tire pressure monitor with one of the new ones that Shannon had brought down with him. I reset the reference pressure to a slightly lower PSI to counter the increase in pressure from the heat of the road. 

I went back upstairs and went through the “desk” and separated things that are going to stay behind. I had arranged for Miguel, Maria’s husband, to help with the carrying of our cargo down the stairs. He said he’d come by at around 5:00. At around 4:00, the delivery men from Sonigas arrived to fill my propane tank. I was working in he back unit when I heard Maria calling me. The guys were waiting, so I rushed out to unlock the RV quickly locking the gate behind me.

It was pretty fast and simple hooking up and pumping in the propane. I paid my 420 pesos then went back up to continue getting the remaining boxes and bags filled for Miguel to carry down. But….I realized I didn’t have the key for my little padlock. I’d left the keys inside in my hurry to open up the motorhome. Crap! I thought about climbing over the wall, but I’d strategically placed the bugamvillas to pierce anybody attempting to breach the gate. I wasn’t  feeling all that light on my feet and the fall would be four stories if I slipped up. A long way to fall.

I went looking for Maria or Manuel to see if they had the spare key I had left with Nancy, but no one was around. I worked in the RV a while making room for things. I really wanted to get as much stuff as possible together for Miguel to haul down, so I checked to see if anyone had returned home but no luck. I took a hammer and a screwdriver and broke my way into the loft and continued with my packing.

Miguel came over closer to six than five and portered all of my goods down to the RV. I started finding places for everything as he hauled it all down for me. I hooked up to shore power and ran the refrigerator and the A/C. I spent a couple of hours getting things stowed then took the dogs down to the beach. Talked to Manuel and Antoinetta on my way out the gate. They were sad to see me going. Maybe next year, we’ll be back. Who knows these things? Another beautiful day out front. Getting hotter though. Came home and cooked up some dinner and made phone calls home and to Mike & Nancy in Cancun. I’ll get the final preparations done tomorrow and roll out first thing Friday morning.

Being spied on by a gecko.