We loitered a while in Capitol Reef this morning in no hurry to leave this serene oasis. We walked the dogs down by the peach groves along the river and had a look around loop C. 

Watered the batteries, checked the tires then pulled out of camp. The road out was easy and pleasant. A few small inclines to navigate but overall a nice drive. A little more desert like but still with some occasional rock castles and escarpments in the distance. Soon we arrived at the main highway and turned towards Denver.

It wasn’t too much farther that we were taking the off ramp to Moab to see about camping at Arches National Park. Busy road with lots of traffic coming and going. The campground at the park is closed this year so that they can remodel and fix it up. We sat in the lot of some adventure tour company and plotted our next move. We really want to check this area out if only for a day so we decided to check the RV parks in town.

The first place we pulled into had one spot left. We had a look at it and weren’t too impressed. It was all gravel and the spot was on the end right next to the cabins. We called another that we found on the internet and they had a few spots left. We drove through Moab to the far end of town and turned into the Canyonlands RV Resort and Campgrounds. Sometimes you just have to laugh when you see these places describing themselves as ‘resorts’. They have a small pool full of kids at the entrance and gravel spaces an arms width across. Actually it is not all that bad but there is nothing resort like about it. We parked up and walked the dogs around the park. We shut them inside and then went to explore Moab.

The town is pretty cool, an outdoors Mecca with streets lined with t-shirt shops and restaurants. Kind of a blue collar Sedona with the accent on 4 wheel dune buggies and bicycles rather than spiritual awakening. Our RV park is full of Jeeps and the little sand carts the gearheads like to rip up the countryside in.

Redneck Paradise

We picked up a few necessities at the drug store then went in search of a restaurant for a late lunch. We ended up at a place called Zax for o.k. sandwiches and a nice upstairs deck with a view of town and the mountains.

Then we visited a bunch of shops until I couldn’t take it any more although I have to admit most of the stuff we bought was for me. A t-shirt and a new pair of flip flops to replace the Reefs that blew out on me in Mexico. We shuffled back to the Canyonlands and had long needed showers then did domestic stuff. Laundry, feed the dogs, etc. As usual, RV park internet sucks, but my Verizon LTE is getting a good signal so I am able to catch up on posting on the blog. PJ was talking with the couple in the classic Honey RV that we met at Capitol Reef. They are here in the park closer to the front. We hung out in the RV running the fan for white noise and reading the books we bought at Back of Beyond Books this afternoon.