Still Erie, only now in NY

240 miles later and still on the same shore of the same lake.

Maumee was a nice place to rest and take it easy. We ate our breakfast at the picnic table facing into the woods behind the camp. We were packed up and out the door by 10:30. A nice bonus that Maumee offers is having park owned sewer hoses at the dump station. Ours got to stay securely housed below and we just lifted theirs out of its rack, used it, rinsed it and hung it up. I’m sure they do it to save time when they have the big back ups on Sundays and holidays, but it’s a nice touch.

Rural back roads for the first seventy miles, then onto I-90 for the rest of the drive. Long drive. Hard wind, gusting 17mph through Pennsylvania and into New York. RV was pointing at an angle to go straight. Made multiple rest stops and near our campground we tried several exits trying to find a grocery store. Don’t people around here eat? In several of the little burgs, the small market couldn’t keep up with the declining population and went out of business. The quaint hamlet of Ripley was a cool side trip, but it’s been a long day and we just want to park up.

Cleveland had some congestion, but we just stayed in our lane and powered through. 

We arrived at Lakeside Campground in Ripley, NY without getting groceries. The dogs had hot dogs and cheese with their kibble for dinner. The girl at the RV park tried to micromanage the parking of the motorhome. The spot she had for us is adjacent to the family home. She wanted me to park out of level as close to the road as possible. I backed in a little further bringing it nicely level without any legos and a bit further out of the entrance lane.

We walked the few yards down to Lake Erie where some 1 foot surf was rolling in to the shore. We let the dogs off leash and sat on a bench while they explored around the rocky beach. We are tired and cranky, so we just went back to the RV to rest and have a bite of dinner. I down loaded some photos, then rested my eyes and dozed a few times.

Surf check, Lake Erie

PJ went out to watch the sunset and have a few minutes to herself. Beautiful evening. The lake is like a sea. When we were driving up on the bluff, it looked like a drive down the coast on a flat day. We were trying to relax before bed when some joker in the campground started blowing off fireworks getting our dogs all spooked and shaky and the neighbors little dog was sent into fits of barking. We ran the fan and cranked a surf video in the blu-ray to cover the noise.