Here Today, Gondola Tomorrow

We decided to give Breckenridge another day, so first thing this morning I walked over to the office and asked to extend our stay for another night. They only had one RV spot available and it wasn’t ours. They offered us number 83 and although not nearly as nice a spot we took it.

Koda really liked hanging out at #7

Typical Tiger Run cabin
We stayed in number seven eating breakfast at the picnic table and working on the computer. At eleven we moved over to the new spot and set up. PJ called her sister while I finished a post for yesterday’s activities. At around two, we walked out to the highway and caught a ride on the free bus. Such a good deal, free transportation anywhere in the area. 

The end of the line leaves you downtown where we set off to find some lunch. I was told that the Canteen Restaurant has the best burgers in Breckenridge, so we made our way over there and ordered one up. PJ picked out a salad and we split an order of fries. The guys at the next table had a puppy with them and we struck up a conversation and one of them offered to take our picture. The scene on the patio was lively and everyone seemed to be in vacation mode. Our waitress was excellent and the burger lived up to its reputation. PJ loved her Asian salad as well. Good food and positive vibes, the Canteen gets two thumbs up.

Puppy on loan

We walked around on Main St. going into stores and checking out the weekend influx of tourists. I staked out a bench across from the main plaza and took photos and watched people while PJ continued browsing in the shops. A busker was busting out tunes on a guitar and the gold miners had set up a bunch of tables with sand and water for the tourists to pan for gold. They had a big crowd gathered and business was looking good. 

Thar’s gold in them hills!

We moseyed back towards the central station stopping in a thrift store, a bike shop and an art store along the way. I passed on the thrift store and took pictures outside while watching the traffic backing up out on Main.

You ever know what you’ll see wandering around Breckenridge

Our next stop was the gondolas going up the mountain. Breckenridge offers transport on the gondolas for free, just step up and hop on. We rode past two intermediate stations and went as far as they would take us then stayed on for the ride back down. Fantastic views of Breckenridge, the town and the mountains. 

The gondola stopped mid ride causing panic among the passengers
When we alit at the bottom, it was just about time for the next complimentary bus to head back towards Tiger Run. We hopped on along with a few others and rode back to our stop across from the resort. When we opened the door, they were tails a waggin’ and ready for a walk. We took them over to the big lawn area by the clubhouse and let them sniff around to their hearts content.

I took a shower and did a mini workout in their gym. Not a bad facility. Tiger Run has a little bit of everything. A pleasant place to hang out.