Jenness Beach

We slept in and savored the quiet of the cool morning. I made a bowl of oatmeal and covered it with blueberries and honey. Ate it while sitting beneath the awning reading an easy detective novel and watching the neighbors stir and begin their days. PJ meditated inside then joined me at the table to write in her journal and to plan our day.

As noon approached, we saddled up the bikes with our beach gear and set out on the five mile ride down to the beach. Atlantic Ave. was a beautiful stretch of road lined with big trees with large fancy homes tucked in among them. From quaint eighteenth century estates to modern McMansions, the scenery was spectacular. PJ was bedazzled by a pasture full of thoroughbred stallions so we stopped along the short stone wall and watched them graze.

We soon emerged on the coast road and followed the uneven sidewalk north to Jenness Beach. Along the way, we stopped at numerous overlooks to check out the rocky shore, the different seabirds and the huge mansions lining the inland side of the road. This stretch of .New Hampshire coast is really pristine. When I came to the Bioman conferences back in the mid 2000s, I ditched a few of the seminars and came over and surfed with my friend John who had a little cottage near the beach. Unfortunately I can’t find his contact info. I keep looking around the beach to see if I spot him or another guy I used to hang around with in Costa Rica who is from Rye.

Lots of Rules!

We reached Jenness and I sat around on a bench while PJ lounged around on a large flat boulder. Although the waves were minuscule, there was quite a crowd out bobbing around in the shallows. There was one particular crew of kids doing some kind of camp. They were small enough that the waves were rideable for them and they were having a blast.

We rode on over to the main beach and claimed a few square feet of sand. Little Quebec here in Rye. As much French as English is being spoken on the beach today, same as at the campground. A pretty decent crowd for a weekday mostly out of towners I’m guessing. A pair of old Quebeckers were playing bocche ball and really enjoying themselves. Kids were running in and out of the water and the number of would be surfers was huge.

PJ and I jumped in the frigid water for a short dip then relaxed on our towels watching the beach goers doing their thing. Water temp is around 66.The sun occasionally peeked through and it was a perfect temperature for riding around on bikes. Soon, it was time to get back to camp so we hammered hard on the return trip making a quick visit to the grocery store when we arrived at street that Sea Coast Camping is on.

Freed the pups and hung around outside under the awning. Soon, Frank came puttering by in his smelly little diesel cart and I bought a small stack of logs for us to have a camp fire. Nice easy day at the beach.

2 thoughts on “Jenness Beach

  1. Are the shades on your chairs to protect you from moonburn or eclipse watching? Very beautiful and peaceful looking countryside. Those horses in the first picture are the heaviest thoroughbreds we’ve ever seen. XOXOXO R&S


    1. Ha. It had started to rain a little bit and we didn’t want to abandon our fire. It passed quickly and we enjoyed the night.


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