On the Road

I was up early loading the remaining baggage into the motorhome making a few small adjustments to get everything to fit. As we go down the road, I’m sure we will do a lot of readjusting as we settle into life aboard Wilson the Winnebago. PJ came out and we spent the mid morning squeezing the final few items into their designated spots.

We had some errands to run before setting sail, so we commandeered the Honda and drafted Carole to ride along with us. PJ drove and I sat in the back while Carole rode shotgun. We had some supplies from Lexi that weren’t needed for the new motorhome, so I called the woman who bought Lexi and she was home doing projects on her new RV so we drove over and dropped off the spare tire cover, a cable hook up, awning deflappers and other miscellaneous RV gear. Diane showed us the improvements she’s been doing to make Lexi her own. It was kind of odd seeing Lexi with Rhode Island plates. We talked a while then she wished us a bon voyage and after a quick stop at Dunkin’ Donuts for an ice coffee for Carole, we were on to Arlington RV to grab the manual for the Ford portion of the RV. I dug through the satchel full of manuals they’d given me, but it was missing the one for the chassis portion of the RV. Lou wasn’t there, so after an awkward “how’s the RV doing” from Jay, I grabbed the manual off his desk and we beat feet.

A few more little stops and we grabbed a couple of Subway sandwiches and brought them back to the house for our final lunch together. Hard to believe we have been hanging around for just over three months. The family said some tearful farewells as we exchanged hugs in the driveway and we were soon on the road. Thanks a million Pete and Carole for all the amazing hospitality and support. PJ was pretty melancholy not knowing when she will see the parents next. We drove quietly down the highway to Mystic, CT where we found our paperwork waiting for us in the campground mailbox.

There were 4 or 5 other campers in the large RV park, a far cry from the hundreds that we shared the space with the year before. The dogs were able to run free and set up was a breeze with the new rig. Wilson performed admirably easily rolling at 65 to 70 mph with very little disruption from passing 18 wheelers. I strummed a few tunes while PJ fed the pups then we took a stroll around the grounds. The trees are erupting in reds, golds and orange hues and the air is a bit chilly. Fall is definitely in the air.

We had salads while watching a little t.v. as the dogs made themselves at home in their beds by the door. We climbed into our queen sized bed with the new memory foam topper and read and did some writing. A guy could get used to this. Early to bed and off to New Bedford, New York in the morning.

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