The Bluegrass State

It was still raining when I woke up but soon eased off so Cali and I went for a hike along the river trail. We didn’t go as far as yesterday as I wanted to be sure to arrive in Russellville on time to have lunch with my friend Phil. Closed camp and was on the road 10:45. I was soon in Kentucky, another new state for the map.

Phil had packed his belongings and left Carlsbad in the rear view mirror many years ago. I had seen him briefly on his last visit to California and was interested to see how life was treating him in Kentucky. I made it to the restaurant with time to spare and walked the dog then killed a few minutes buying things I didn’t need at the Mighty Dollar Store next door. Phil arrived and we went into the Tokyo Restaurant for some hibachi plates. I’ve known Phil for a lot of years but never that well. It was good to spend time with him getting to learn more about how he ended up in Kentucky and getting to know him better. He picked up the tab then came out to meet Cali before headinga home. Thanks for the pit stop, Phil.

Drove through some pretty Kentucky back country before getting back onto the interstate heading to Lexington to meet up with my old friend Joe. I’ve known Joe for over thirty years since we were young bucks kicking around together back in Carlsbad. Lots of history, Mexico trips, surfing Oceanside and running with a pack of friends that are still close to this day.

It was around 5:30 when I pulled into his large circular driveway. Met his girlfriend Lisa and checked out his Old Kentucky Home. He grabbed an axe and set up a 30 amp electrical hook up for the RV. He had wired it up earlier and moved it to a convenient spot to reach the cord from the motorhome. Classic. Joe’s an electrician by trade and runs his own one man show doing contracting work here in Lexington. He seems to have found a comfortable niche that fits his lifestyle. He had a big pot of his famous chicken soup on the stove and we sat at the table enjoying dinner and catching up on our adventures.

Full hook ups at Joe’s RV Resort

After dinner, the three of us hopped in his truck and did a tour of Lexington and the neighboring area. Dodged some deer on a back road then ended up in town where we hit a favorite ice cream shop for cups of ice cream. It was close to the university so it was alive with activity. Did a quick stop at Kroger’s for some burger for Cali. It was a giant grocers like a HEBs. I was lost in thought trying to remember what was on my list and walked into a lady who was also in her own head. I apologized and laughed it off but she took offense and huffed away. Grabbed a few items then went to the self pay and had trouble getting the machine to take my card. Not my night at the grocery store. Better get some rest. Went back to Joe’s and cooked up some dinner for the pooch and folded the laundry I’d started earlier. Said my good nights then hit the RV where I fed the dog, set things up and stashed my clothes. Gained an hour today so morning’s going to come fast. Better get some 😴

One thought on “The Bluegrass State

  1. I love this post pics of Kentucky & your friends are excellent!!! Especially the first one of Cali. Very Special. How could I miss this one?!! OXX


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