Chocolate World

Cali and I slept late this morning having decided to take a rest day today. We took a hike along Swatara Creek and followed the footpath until it got too narrow and wanted to guide us down to the muddy banks below. The sun decided to make an appearance and although on the cool side, it turned out to be a beautiful day. The redness around the tick bite had increased with a small purplish spot, so I called the doctor and they said to just keep on keeping an eye on it. We relaxed inside taking the occasional walk until the early afternoon when I summoned a Lyft and got a ride over to Chocolate World.

Wilson’s big brother

No trip to Hershey would be complete without a visit to the factory. Actually, they no longer give a tour of the real factory. It is a simulation of the process given on a Disneyland style ride in little cocoa bean cars that take you on a winding path through the making of chocolate with a little Hershey family history thrown in. Afterwards, you wander around the giant gift shop and food court where everybody is loading up on souvenirs and Hershey’s chocolates. It was a cool little diversion for a couple of hours. I walked around the grounds. They have a theme park with giant roller coasters and rides but it doesn’t open until Memorial Day. I walked up to the gates and had a peek inside. Waited for my Lyft and then returned to camp.

Unbridled consumerism

I was one of a few campers this morning, but the place has been filling up all day. For some reason they cram us all in together in one area of the camp. A large group from Maryland set up around me and proceeded to drink and play loud music. We stayed inside taking advantage of having cable and watching t.v. I took Cali for a walk and noticed empty areas of the park over near the entrance road. I went to the office and arranged to move over to a zone where I have at least 6 empty spots on each side. Much more peaceful.

This morning

In the afternoon with more to come

Cooked up gourmet meals for both Cali and I. Rigatoni with the home made Italian sausage from Pronio’s Market for me and kidney formula dog food mixed with fresh ground beef for Cali. We both savored our meals while catching part of a basketball game. We went for a late night walk and were glad we had moved when we heard all of the activity going on where we had originally been. Easy, restful day for us hermits.

One thought on “Chocolate World

  1. Wow, Wilson’s big brother hangs out way beyond the rear axle! Dips could be very exciting.

    We assume you Peaked inside the gate waiting for your Lyft….Leaked was much funnier!

    We are so excited for you….almost to your “summer home”. Glad you are taking rest days. XOXOXOXO R & S


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