The cold weather outside encouraged us to stay cocooned up inside the cozy confines of our home on wheels. PJ answered e-mails and propped herself in the fluffy covers in queenly fashion as I delivered her breakfast in bed. I poached us up some eggs and I relaxed at the dinette catching up on news and researching travel destinations online. Between lounging and taking Cali exploring around the parklands, we managed to while away the morning hours.

In the afternoon, we decided to get out for a while and take a look around the beaches in Jamestown. I entered Mackerel Cove in the gps and off we went but Google Maps took us down the wrong path and we ended up touring around a beautiful waterfront neighborhood filled with giant Cape Cod style houses with expansive wrap around porches and ornate balconies. PJ knew where we made the wrong turn and easily got us back on track and we soon pulled into the nearly empty parking area at the cove.

We walked the length of the beach enjoying the relative warmth of the afternoon sun. The temperature never got out of the 40s throughout the day and dropped quickly as the day progressed. The ocean was clear and smooth with sailboats gently rocking at their moorings. We crossed the street and explored along the rocks on the inner cove. Cali was stoked to have her coat on as she sniffed among the sea grass that surrounded the bay.

From Mackerel Cove we made our way over to Beavertail State Park. The wind was crisp and the chill was sharp as we wandered around the lighthouse area and walked out on the rocks overlooking the point. I suppose wearing pants might have taken a bit of the bite out of the cold. There were a few more people touring around the park. Beavertail is a beautiful spot, a large park with lots of grassy areas and rocky outcrops overlooking a shimmering blue sea ruffled by the increasing wind. PJ is always fascinated by the historical aspects of destinations we visit and she took the time to read each of the placards explaining the significance of the lighthouse and the background of the area. Me, I couldn’t stand still long enough. I kept the legs moving to keep warm. Even Cali was feeling the cold, so we piled back into the car and fired up the heater.

We drove back to the campground and tarried but a few minutes closing Cali up in the rig. PJ and I pulled out the directory and found an AA meeting in Wakefield in a small office complex. PJ got tapped to chair and we had a good meeting sharing on the 4th step. After saying farewell to our new friends, we went over to the pizza joint for hot sandwiches and calzones. Back in camp, we turned up the heat and watched a little t.v. There were lots of calls and texts going back and forth concerning the furnace at our house in California. It seems the core has given out and the garage was smelling of leaking gas. The gas company came out and confirmed the diagnosis. We are getting some quotes and we’ll see where that goes. Relaxed into the night listening to the Red Sox win the pennant and earn their way to a spot in the World Series.

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