Off to Wawaloam

We got up early and I walked the dog as PJ made the bed. When I got back, we decided that perhaps a few more Z’s were in order so we laid back down and snoozed a while longer. Today’s a moving day so once we got motivated, it was pack and stash for heading down the road. We are going a short drive back up the bay to a campground closer to PJ’s mom. PJ had an MRI appointment in East Greenwich at two so we are staying the weekend at Wawaloam Campground in West Kingstown. We stopped in at the Planet Fitness in North Kingston and spent a couple of hours working out. From there, PJ took off in the car for her appointment and I drove the RV over to the campground and got everything set up.

There is a large group arriving this weekend for a big barbecue cook off. I asked the gal for a spot as far away from the crowds as possible and she accommodated. We’re way over on the fringes with only a couple of other campers. Decent spot but running a little downhill. Had to lift the right side quite a bit so the first step into the RV is a doozie. Took Cali for a walkabout then we lounged around camp waiting for PJ to arrive. Lots of emails, texts and calls going back and forth getting the California house rented out. We have tenants moving in Monday. Now we just need to get them a new heater.

PJ arrived as the sun slid behind the trees and we reheated a couple of calzones from the little shop in Narragansett. Quiet night, one little excursion to explore part of the campground then back inside for an easy night after a busy day.

Straight Outta South Park

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