Peaceful Day at Wawaloam

Started off the morning exploring around the campground. We hiked past the shuttered pool complex and then took a side road up past the recreation center to the far fields used for tent campers. We let Cali roam off leash for awhile but she started to get that look in her eye as she began sidling off towards home preparing to sprint for the RV. I nabbed her in time before she could get up a head of steam and hooked her up for a relaxing walk back.

Back at camp, I set us up with some brunch and we ate out on the porch. It was much warmer today and we were able to do a lot outside. PJ got the notion to light up a fire in the pit and grabbed a load of wood out of the trunk. I strummed a few tunes while she put her Survivor fire making skills to the test. We soon had a nice blaze going and we moved our chairs over to the fire ring and enjoyed the smoky warmth. We’d been hauling around a Jiffy Pop popcorn tin for the past year or so. PJ dug it out of the kitchen cabinet and rigged it up with a stick and worked her magic over the campfire.

We’ve also been giving these Frisbees a free ride since last fall, so we pulled them out and made them earn their keep. We were a little rusty and the occasional gusts of wind would make things interesting but we had a good time and managed a few good throws. Cali made friends with a couple of local pooches that had escaped from their owner. We kept them entertained for a few minutes until their master came around looking for them.

Mid-afternoon called for exploratory walk number two. This time we went to the downhill side over to the north. All the barbecue aficionados were over in this section cooking up their specialties and filling the air with smoky aromas. Each site had their identifying signs and different types of grilling machines, trailers and fancy kitchen set ups. And there we were, still in our pajama bottoms, strolling through the party. Cali decided she would go no further, so we made a loop and passed down a new road we hadn’t been by before. We spent a little time inside resting up and taking showers.

Next, we took Cali for a sunset cruise down the hill and around the lake. There was a small crew of country boys fishing in the weed choked pond not sure what for, but they were giving it a good shot. We found a quiet bench right at the water’s edge and sat for a few moments enjoying the sunny evening. A friendly lady came by to love on Cali and give PJ a good chat. It was clear she’d been front and center at happy hour and was feeling no pain. It was actually a fun encounter and we have a new pal at Wawaloam. Back to the rig for salads and fixin’s then some computer time researching camping zones down the road. PJ did some yoga while I took Cali out for a final tour of the camp. Success! She finally did her business and we headed back to the RV with a little pep in her step. Time to call it a night.

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