Back in Point Judith

Yesterday, we waited out the morning rain at Wawaloam then quickly closed up camp at the noon check out time. We hit the PLanet Fitness for a workout and a shower then PJ went off to Warwick to visit her mom while I cruised back down south and parked the rig back up at Fisherman’s Memorial. Not too many campers hanging around. Lazy afternoon dodging the cold between dog walks.

Today was more quiet times at the campground. Cali and I went for a monster walk and explored all of the nooks and crannies of the State Park. There is an old gun tower from world war II and a large bunker that separates the older section of camp sites from the newer area down by the bay. We hiked the trail to the top of the wall to get an overview of our camp. We checked out the new, full hook up sites and entertained the idea of moving but where we’re at is more private so we decided to stay put.

Lots of lounging indoors reading, writing, playing a few tunes and a nice afternoon nap. After sunset, I took Cali around the loop and when I got back, I no longer had the keys to get into the RV. We retraced our steps searching every inch but no luck. I had tossed some trash, so we rummaged around the dumpster but still no keys. We gave it one more loop then it was time to give it up. I had hidden one of those hide-a-key magnetic boxes on the motorhome so I groveled around under the rig but it was no longer there. It must have dislodged on one of those bumpy backroads going out to a campsite during the drive out here. Nothing left but plan C, call AAA. After an obnoxiously long phone tree that asks that you enter your member number, I am placed on hold. A few minutes later, a woman answers and the first question is give me your member number. Why did I just punch the whole thing in? After I explain my dilemma, she gives me a 75 minute wait time. I tell her I’m stuck out in the 40 degree woods so she says she’ll see about expediting my case. The tow truck texted right away and showed up only ten minutes later. Pretty good service. The young bearded driver busted out his burglar tools and had me in within a few minutes. No paperwork, no hassle. I was hoping the keys were inside but they weren’t, so I settled Cali inside then went for one more search and rescue walk. Took my little rake to poke around the dumpster but no better luck this outing. Time to give it a rest and try one more time in the a.m.

Warmed up inside eating some cheese and crackers while watching a bogus crime show on the only channel other than shopping stations that are available over the air. Played a few hands of solitaire, messed around online then cleaned up for bed.

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