Wandering in Wickford

Another relaxing morning cocooning ourselves up in the warmth of the RV. PJ had brought a load of mail back with her from Warwick so we spent the morning going through the stack. I filled in my ballot and got it ready to send in my vote. At midday we drove into the historic village of Wickford, one of the early port towns in Rhode Island. We started out our visit with an AA meeting in an old church in the town center. We’re getting quite local, as even this far out from Warwick, we still knew a number of people in the group.

PJ had the beginnings of a migraine as we were leaving, so she inhaled some Imitrex and we drove out to the docks at the end of town where she laid around in the car for a while until it kicked in. I strolled around the waterfront and took a few pictures and checked out the incoming boats. Not many people out on this chilly overcast afternoon. After a short rest, PJ bounced back surprisingly well and we parked up the block to walk around and have a look at the old captain’s houses. We toured a few back blocks then headed towards the village center.

Catch of the Day

A cool breeze kept the streets fairly clear of tourists as we wandered among the ubiquitous little antique and boutique shops that line the streets of the village. Many of the stores had already shuttered their doors for the season and were closed until spring. We strolled down to the arched bridge and got a nice overview of the harbor and the historic buildings of the town center. On the walk back to the car, we stopped in at a cute little cafe for a couple of sandwiches and a warm seat with a view of the main street out the window. The chicken curry sandwich was killer and it was a sweet spot to watch people come and go.

On the drive back to Fisherman’s Memorial, we took a little side trip down a small lane to check out the Gilbert Stuart museum in North Kingston. Stuart was a famous portrait artist from the 1700s famous for his paintings of George Washington and others of the founding fathers. Unfortunately, the museum also is boarded up for the season, not to admit another curious art fan until after the spring thaw.

Gilbert Stuart’s Mill

So it was back to camp and another paseo with the pooch through the wind blown leaves of the colorful trees in the woods around the campground. An easy evening amusing ourselves around camp and doing some planning for the upcoming trip. Big storm’s coming so we need to enjoy the dry days while we can still get out.

Oh yeah, and for those who asked – yes, I did find the keys while out looking the next morning. They were in the grass along the walkway just around the corner for. The camp.

3 thoughts on “Wandering in Wickford

  1. Thanks for sharing your fabulous fall trip…love the photos! And congrats on the keys, but maybe the town was trying to ask you to stay a while.


    1. Great hearing from you, Tom. The town has got us in its grip for a few more days. Our best to the clan in Carolina


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