Taking Care of the Basics

Busy day running around doing domestic type things. After an easy morning hanging around the RV, we drove up to Wickford for the midday meeting. It was a good crowd and I heard a lot of uplifting shares from the folks at the old church. From there, we headed over to the Planet Fitness in North Kingston where we were set to work out. As we were walking in, I noticed the hair cutter next door only had one person waiting so I opted for a quick trim before my workout. Not the greatest haircut, but hey, it always grows back. Felt good to have it at least a little bit cleaned up.

Got in a so so workout. There was odd dude lurking in the locker room staring at himself really up close in the mirror. He was there before my haircut when I tossed my gear in the locker and he was still there gazing longingly at himself when I got back from the barber. Kind of skeeved me out and I was worrying about my stuff in my locker while I was riding the bike. But everything was okay. We grabbed a couple of sandwiches at the Stop n Shop next door then raced over to the post office to post our mail before they closed up. Then it was back to the camp to set Cali free and take a frosty hike around Fisherman’s Memorial. We went up to the lookout then down a steep little trail that deposited us in the lower camp. A beautiful sunset was building itself up in the sky so I trudged up the grassy hill to the lower camp’s overlook and watched it settle into the Atlantic.

It was getting seriously cold, so we hustled back to Wilson and holed up inside munching on our sandwiches and catching a few episodes of Game of Thrones.

2 thoughts on “Taking Care of the Basics

  1. Brisk weather is always so invigorating! We are loving our cool nites here….great for sleeping!
    80 for the weekend 🙂


    1. Enjoy the warm weekend. After a low of 32 this week, we are getting pelted by the remnants of Hurricane Willa. The van is a rockin’


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