With the near freezing temperatures in the early morning these days, we tend to move a little slower as we ease into our day. After a late breakfast, we went out for another long walk meandering through different areas of the park. We explored the area around the playing fields. They have tennis courts, basketball courts, a playground and open fields to run around on. Not that we were doing any running around, but we did goof around on some of the playground equipment for a while.

There is a little back road where they keep piles of gravel and mulch for the maintenance crew. It was apart from the main camping area so there wasn’t anybody else in the area. It was a good place to let Cali run off leash and she was enjoying the freedom. There were lots of quick little birds darting in and out of the woods. The trees were colorful and the sun was doing its best to warm up the atmosphere. The temp was reaching the low 50s by midday making for a pretty fall afternoon.

The service road emerged from the back woods into the lower camping area right near the shores of the estuary. We got as close to the water as we could, but the little trail down was looking awfully muddy after the recent rains, so we turned back. There were a number of nearby campers with large dogs and they all seemed to be outside, so we opted to return the way we came to avoid any unpleasant encounters.

The weatherman is predicting big rains for tomorrow, leftovers from hurricane Willa. We took advantage of today’s sunshine by spending the rest of the afternoon outdoors. PJ stacked some logs in the fire pit and we warmed ourselves by the flames. I strummed a few songs on the guitar and did some sudoku puzzles. PJ got on the phone and talked to some of her friends. Despite the visual perception of warm and sunny skies, it was all illusory and we were soon feeling the chill and moved our act inside.

I cooked us up a couple of my world famous omelets for dinner that we served up with salads. PJ took care of some business with the care giving company setting up remote billing while I queued up a couple more episodes of Game of Thrones. We are nearing the end of season five and Jon Snow just got a belly full of knives from his brothers at the wall. Always the suspenseful ending to try to get you to dial in another episode to keep watching. Being Friday, lots of new weekenders steadily rolled in throughout the day. One particularly jocular group is yakking it up at their campfire right above us as we are winding down to sleep. Hopefully the cold will drive them inside soon. An enjoyable, stress free day.

3 thoughts on “Weekenders

  1. Wow all u shoot is soo beautiful. Love to see Cali running along beside you. Thank you for all the beautiful sharing and spectacular photography you shoot of the three musketeers sure do love seeing you all enjoying the ride.


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