“Historic Wakefield”

The sun was shining brightly through the shades when we woke up this morning. Most of the remaining campers were packing it up and pulling out today. There is just a small line of us that are hanging in at the more desirable sites along the margin near the water’s edge. The sunshine was misleading as I went out with just a light sweatshirt only to return to the motorhome for something s little warmer.

We both showered up then headed off to Wickford for the 12:30 meeting. A beautiful fall day and scenic drive. Many of the trees have gone completely bare but there are still quite a few displaying their full autumn colors. After the meeting, we drove over to the little park like area by the senior center. This is where PJ used to walk after her care giver support meeting while waiting for news of the outcome of my hip surgery. We walked around for a few minutes but the chill sent us back to the car.

Every time we drive north from the campground, we pass the exit advertising “Historic Wakefield”. Now we didn’t get overly excited because just about every little hamlet along the route claims to be historic something or another, but we decided to take the off ramp and have ourselves a little look around. We parked near the big Baptist Church from the 1700s and explored a few little gift shops to get a card for PJ’s physical therapist.

A few blocks down the road, we came up to a little Thai restaurant called Luk Cuisine. A bite to eat sounded good, so we went inside to order up a late lunch. The food was pretty decent. Nice and fresh but I didn’t have much “luk” when it came the portions – the three measly shrimp with my pad Thai.

In the center of the village there is a bike path that runs through town paralleling the old cemetery. Having just fed our faces, a nice long walk seemed like the right strategy to keep from experiencing a food coma. The path followed beneath a canopy of colorful trees and crossed a still mirror like pond. We leaned over the bridge and watched a family of ducks feeding among the water plants.

When we reached the end of the path, we turned back taking a small path into the cemetery for the return trip. Many of the graves went back to the 1700 and 1800s with large stones and decorative monuments. We had a clear view of the church steeple across the valley with the sun angling it’s light on the side.

When we got back to the main street, we roamed around a bit more ending up at the little antique building that houses the candy store. Rows and rows of bins filled with every kind of treat. I picked out a few ‘hot tamales’ and cherry candies while PJ selected her own little assortment. We sat out in Adirondack chairs in the cold afternoon sun and ate a few pieces of candy before returning to the car for the drive back to camp.

It was close to sunset when we got home, so we unloosed the hound and walked around Fisherman’s Memorial. As the sun slid behind the hills, we sat on a picnic bench at an unoccupied site and watched the golden orb melt behind the tall sea grass.

3 thoughts on ““Historic Wakefield”

  1. OMG blown away by ur amazing photos so felt I was there with you…well I am love the three of you. Thank you again for the stories you share so beautifully chronicled.


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