Gym Dandies

Clear skies this morning but a bit of wind and cooooold! Even Cali didn’t want to linger outside after a quick walk. Feeling a bit lethargic lately, so we rallied ourselves and drove on into Havelock to workout at the Planet Fitness there. The narrow single lane back roads had some repairs going on and we had to wait for flagmen at a couple of spots. Had a good session at the gym and got in a hot shower and shave. Always come out invigorated after getting in a little exercise.

Heading off island

The road into town

Back at camp, we had a low key afternoon doing laundry and organizing our gear. Very few people left at camp, and most of them are keeping themselves indoors. The temperature didn’t feel too bad when I was sitting directly in the sun but as soon as it started getting low in the sky it chilled really quickly. Cali and I went for a walk out on the sand while PJ worked on the laundry. Another amazing North Carolina sunset.