Getting into the Holiday Spirit

The holiday season is quickly approaching and we are doing our best to get into the swing of things. We strung up the hokey little strings of lights we bought at Walmart yesterday. The best part is that it helps this forest to not be so intensely dark at night. The fun trick is to walk out into the night and switch off the flashlight and marvel at the blackness of it all.

After a morning walk on the beach, today was all business. A workout at Planet Fitness got the blood flowing then we stopped in at a hole in the wall Chinese restaurant in Garden City for some surprisingly good lunch plates. We managed to get the pharmacist at CVS to fill Cali’s prescription. When we dropped it off yesterday, she looked at us like we were scamsters ordering up our psychotic dog’s anti-anxiety meds with an out of state prescription. But the vet called from Rhode Island and set her straight so Cali’s good for a few more panic attacks. Next stop was Murphy’s for some $1.93 gas then back to camp to get started on the pig pile of laundry we’ve been amassing over the past week.

Cali was stoked to get out and run around. I replaced all of the batteries in the tire monitors and finally got that system working properly. After balancing the books, we tidied things up, got the laundry taken care of and worked on plans to hit the road south and seek out a warmer spot to sit out the big rainstorm coming up for the weekend. You can feel the big temperature drop already during our regularly scheduled dog walks. By regularly scheduled I mean every time Cali steps into the stairwell and stares at the door.