Jax Pier

Pretty low key day. Slept late then after tending to the hound, I headed over to Atlantic Beach to check out the Beaches Unity group. At first, it seemed like things were conspiring against me to keep me from going. But even though I dropped my deodorant in the toilet, I cleaned up and rushed out the door although I arrived a little bit late. A good sized meeting with lots of good interaction.

Afterwards, I did a bit of exploring and went over to have a look at the Jacksonville Beach pier. Although PJ doesn’t know it yet, she picked me up a small Xmas gift at the Rip Curl shop where we bought our wetsuits last week. At the beach out front, there was a wide variety of people out to enjoy a sunny Sunday on the sand. Some of the homeless people that make the pier area their home were still sleeping out on their makeshift camps on the beach. Families were posing for Christmas pictures while joggers and cyclists sped on past. From the park area with the decorated chairs, I strode over to the pier and had to lay down a buck at the kiosk to get onto the wharf. The sun sparkled off the ocean as an osprey dived into the water and re-emerged with a struggling fish in his claws. Some fishermen were angling for whatever would bite over near the end but it didn’t appear they were having much luck. I walked around the shops surrounding the pier for a few minutes then headed over to Publix to grab some food.

I grabbed a burger over on Monument Ave, then stocked up on groceries at the Publix supermarket. I don’t know how it takes me so long to get anything done but it seems like I’m in the store forever. Back at camp, Cali was ready to get out so we did our rounds then put away my vittles. The afternoon was still bright with a few hours of daylight left so I hopped on the bike and pedaled over to the beach to wander around. The parking lot was as full as I’ve seen it with the holiday atmosphere permeating the air. I walked around picking up sea shells and people watching. PJ called concerned with a fraud situation with a VRBO rental deal we were trying to set up for next month. We’re bumming at how dishonest some people can be. Not a pleasant call. Tainted the rest of our evenings.

We spoke a few more times throughout the night between dog walks and dinner. I watched a little football then stayed up too late putzing around in the RV.

Take me for a walk!