Hanging Around the Beach

The rain was still drumming on Wilson’s lid when we woke up this morning. We laid low inside until it started clearing mid-morning. As we were winding around on the trail to the beach with Cali a few stray rays of sunshine started filtering their way through the foliage giving the day a cheerful look. We had to dodge a few avid mountain bikers who abruptly appeared out of the trees causing Cali to jump to the side. There were a few more folks out enjoying the beach today. There was even a guy catching a few little waves out front. We walked around testing the water for a while before heading back to camp.

Beach Hawk

Later in the day, we made a grocery run into the local Winn Dixie and had a look around the immediate neighborhood making mental notes on which businesses were where. On the way back into Hanna, we pulled into one of the best known surf spots, Poles, adjacent to the navy base. Being a Saturday afternoon with some fair surf rolling in, there was a good sized crowd surfing up and down the beach. We watched for a while but figured we had better get our perishables back in the fridge.

While PJ put away the food, Cali and I walked over to the lake to look for gators. A large group was setting up a party at the little pavilion. Everything looks a whole lot better in the sunshine. We spent some time cleaning house then I cooked up a shrimp, mushroom and green bean couscous dinner. Easy livin’ in Jax Beach.

Cali even got her picture on one of the camp brochures!