Hunting Island

On the move again. Like a well oiled machine or maybe just a machine with a little spray lubricant applied, we decamped and got everything set for travel. We met a really nice couple from the Washington D.C. area by the camp office on the way out and had a long conversation about the nomad life. It was close to noon by the time we put the Grand Strand in the rear view mirror. The first section of the drive through the industrial area surrounding Georgetown wasn’t the most scenic with paper mills blowing plumes of vapor and stench into the air. After we passed through Charleston things opened up nicely with light traffic and scenic forested roads. I put on some mellow music and the drive flowed by.

We pulled into Hunting Island State Park shortly before sundown. They originally had us down in site 140, but it was small, exposed and cramped with other campers. It’s interesting what some people consider a prime location. When I spoke the girl on the phone this morning, I asked her to put me on the best spot available. She said 140, closest to the beach and near the store. I guess some people like everybody entering the store to be able to wave a cheery hello. After taking stock of available campsites, PJ went back in and moved us over to #102, tucked away in a corner with no neighbors. Nice.

Just chillin’ in the playground. Welcome to Hunting Island.

Cali must have pulled a muscle yesterday when she was cavorting around Myrtle Beach trying to relive the glory days of her youth because she’s achy and has a hard time moving her head today. We gingerly walked out to the beach and watched an awesome sunset. The palmettos, stumps and roots create a very scenic vista out on the point looking across the water at the lighthouse tucked among the trees on the far shore. Hunting Island is a hidden little gem on the Southern Carolina coast.