Beaching it at Hanna Park

Cali had a restless night and was rattling her tags in the pre-dawn hour. I got up and took her for a walk around the neighborhood. Since I was already up, I decided to hop on the bike and zip over to the beach to catch the sunrise. It was a peaceful, clear morning with just a few other early birds out in the early hours. A few joggers and a man walking a small terrier. Dolphins swam in lazy circles while flocks of pelicans plied the Atlantic waters for whatever fish they could find. The sun rose out of the sea in a glorious burst of orange.

After surveying the wrack line for shark teeth, I pedaled back to camp to find everybody snug and snoring in their beds. I did a bit a meditation and a random series of yoga poses then slid back in bed for another hour of sleep.

It was another beautiful sunny day, so we loaded up the surfboard and all our gear for an afternoon on the beach. I surfed a few shallow close outs while PJ boogie boarded the shorebreak. The waves weren’t much good for surfing so I traded the surfboard for a boogie board and we caught a bunch of little slammers onto the sand. The beach was busy with lots of families, seniors and a bus load of school kids that came and went. We rested in our chairs then combed the beach for shells, beach glass and teeth. We stayed until evening then headed home for a quiet night at camp.