A Toothy Grin

We spent a lazy morning hanging around at the picnic table having breakfast and coming up with ideas for art projects with PJ’s ever growing shell collection. The air was a perfect temperature and it was pleasant just loafing around. Cali seems to have fully recovered from her dog flu. Probably something gross she munched down when we weren’t looking. PJ made phone calls and set up a few appointments for March when she goes to Rhode Island. We booked some campsites for the coming weeks and talked to family back home.

In the afternoon, we grabbed the bikes and did a tour of the park. Hanna is awesome. It’s about a mile or so long and equally wide with hardly any people besides us campers. We ride up and down the roads and maybe see one or two cars. There’s a mile of beachfront and on the other side there is a large lake. We went to the far south end of the park where it runs into the Navy station. The poles is a popular surf spot but today was pretty much devoid of any waves. We locked up the bikes and waded up and down the low tide line in our search for fossilized shark teeth. After weeks of being skunked, today made up for it with me finding four teeth washing around in the shallow water. PJ found another to add to the ones that she found yesterday and the day before so now we have a small collection! It was a fun day getting some sun and foraging along the beach.