Getting Excited About Standing Up

The temperature really took a dip today. I got up early and checked the surf but it was looking pretty rough and ugly. I got in a morning walk then went back to check on the girls. We were a slow moving group. I made a Sunday brunch of spinach scrambles with steamed veggies to get us up and going.

In the afternoon, we went out to do some shopping. I checked out a paddleboard I found on Craigslist but it was pretty beat. We did a quick shop for some lights at Home Depot then headed over to Jax Surf & Paddle to see about purchasing one of the rental boards that we used with Andrew on Friday. Hector in the main shop gave the owners a call and minutes later Tom met us over at the rental shop and we compared some of the boards and after a short negotiation we settled on a price. Tom was cool and spent time sharing his tips and opinions to get us on the right board to get started. We are now the owners of an 11’6” Riviera SUP. A kind of all around shape, good for learning and should be good on flat water as well as small surf. Excited about a new challenge.

We returned to Hanna. All of the weekenders had cleared out and the camp was calm and peaceful. We finished off some leftover pizza then had a walk around the campground to see what was going on. We got caught in a brief squall and hurried back on the jungle trail by the lake. PJ worked on some art while I played around with some photos. Easy living.