Stand Up and Be Counted

Another sunny springlike day, the last one for several days according to the weather report. I’ve been wanting to give the stand up paddling thing a try for a while since I gave it a go when we were in Mexico so we called and set up a lesson with Jax Surf & Paddle for one o’clock in the afternoon. We enjoyed relaxing in the shade of the trees in our camp listening to the songs of different birds as we ate our breakfast.

At 12:30, we drove over to Neptune Beach and met our instructor Andrew. He was awesome. A relaxed, easy to talk to guy who gave us great tips and personal instruction. PJ and I both did really well and had a fun afternoon paddling up the coast. We ended up quite a way down the beach to the north and stroked our way back to our spot. I caught a couple of small shore break waves that deposited me on my back in about a foot of water. We learned a lot and are excited about getting a board. Thanks Andrew, sorry we forgot to get a group photo at the end.

On the way home, we stopped at Sub-cultured and got sandwiches and took them to the beach at Hanna. We sat in our chairs and ate them under the watchful eyes of some antsy looking seagulls. We were comfortably tired from our afternoon of paddling so we headed home and took Cali for a walk by the lake. We ended up our day with a nice fire and a bit of guitar playing at camp. Being Friday evening, all of the weekend warriors were showing up and getting their rigs set up. Lots of extra activity and sounds into the night.