Presidential Day

Good to be back at Hanna. We rode bikes over to check out the beach to start off the morning. A sunny day with just a hint of wind on the water. We returned to camp and I loaded the SUP onto the car and headed back to work on my paddling skills. PJ had some business to take care of so she stayed at the RV and spent a few hours working the phones. I paddled for about an hour battling the strong current coming with the wind from the south. I’d paddle about 150 strokes to the south and then it would take about 50 to get back to my starting point. It was lots of fun and it is getting to the point where I can look about without always having to concentrate on the act of paddling. I switched to the boogie board and had some fun splashing around in the nearshore waters then got out and lounged in my chair.

PJ came down at noon and we hit the water again spending another hour switching back and forth enjoying the exceptionally hot afternoon. The beach was as packed as we’ve seen it. President’s day really brought out the crowds. The 86 degree weather didn’t hurt any either. Tons of families were out camping and beaching it for the three day weekend. A short lived cold front is forecast to pass through today.

At around 3:00 o’clock, the lady to our left called out “hey, here comes the wind!”. We looked down the beach and a full on sandstorm was roaring at us from the north. It hit a few seconds later taking out umbrellas, sending people chasing their belongings down the coast and driving the crowds from the beach. It only took a few moments of sandblasting to convince us to join the exodus. Carrying the board was interesting while getting lifted off my feet by the gusts. We were laughing as we got packed up and headed back to camp.

Cali was ready for a long walk so we all did a tour of the park. Some days she wants nothing to do with exploring around and just pulls to go home and on good days like today she is engaged, sniffing around and excited to walk. We went down by the lake to see what was new. The wind had stabilized at about 30 mph and the afternoon was still warm enough to cruise around comfortably in shorts and t-shirts. People were out walking in twos and threes while kids roared by on their little bikes. We were relaxed and stress free resting the rest of the evening.

Spring is coming